September 2016 Monthly Messages

Yale Health Coverage Waiver

Waiver requests for Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care Coverage for the fall term must be submitted online no later than September 15th. Please call Yale Health Member Services at (203) 432-0246 or e-mail if you need additional information.

Yale College Student Activities Fee

The Yale College Student Activities Fee benefits all undergraduate students. It ensures adequate funding for student organizations, club sports, and student events. The quality of special events such as Spring Fling, Fall Show, Iron Chef Yale, Community Service Week, and cultural shows all rely on participation in the Student Activities Fee. Services such as the YCC Bass DVD Library, the UOFC capital equipment project, and the new YCC Bike Share program also draw from Student Activities Fee funding. Funds will be managed by the Yale College Dean’s Office with significant input from undergraduates. Participation in the optional Student Activities Fee program will ensure a more robust offering of activities for all undergraduates.

If desired, students may opt out of paying the Fee by logging into Student Information Systems (SIS) and selecting the Yale College Student Activities Fee Waiver box from the Main Menu. This must be done prior to 5:00 p.m. on September 15.