Tax Reporting Documents

In accordance with IRS federal tax regulations, Yale University provides students with certain tax documents to support the tax filing process.

IRS Form 1098-T

IRS Form 1098-T is issued to most students who paid for “qualified educational expenses” in the preceding calendar year.  This form provides summary information of payments received for qualified tuition and fees along with summary information for scholarships and grants.  This form is provided to help students and parents determine eligibility* for an American Opportunity Tax Credit or a Lifetime Learning Credit.

If you are eligible to receive Form 1098-T, then your form will be available by January 31st each year. 

*Eligibility Information:

Please refer to IRS Publication 970 “Tax Benefits for Education” to determine if you are eligible for the education tax credits.  Individuals should save their records of tuition and financial aid for tax purposes.

Your ability to claim these tax benefits depends on your individual circumstances. More details about the credits and the qualified tuition and fees are available on Internal Revenue Service | An official website of the United States government (

Please note that the Office of Student Accounts cannot offer individual tax advice.

How to Obtain Access to your Form 1098-T

  • To Receive the Form 1098-T Electronically:

By agreeing to the terms of the 1098-T eConsent Form, you have agreed to receive Form 1098-T electronically, and no paper form will be mailed. To complete the 1098-T eConsent Form, log into YaleHub and go to the “Student Accounts” tile and click “1098T eConsent” to accept the terms.  

To view and download a copy of your form, please log into YaleHub and go to the “Student Accounts” tile.  Then click YalePay.  In the Quick Links section, click “View Your 1098-T.”

Due to the time and effort involved in mailing paper forms, electronic delivery allows for a faster and more secure delivery, protecting your sensitive information from loss, theft or delay. 

If you have not agreed to the terms of the 1098-T eConsent, you may still access your form electronically by logging into YaleHub.

  • To Receive the Form 1098-T by Mail:

If you have not signed the 1098-T eConsent Form, your Form 1098-T will be mailed to your mailing address listed in YaleHub. (If there is no mailing address on file, the form is mailed to the student’s local address; if no local address is on file, the form is mailed to the student’s permanent address.)

Please note that we are unable to email or fax the form to anyone.

To Withdraw Electronic Consent

You may revoke your consent at any time by writing (electronically or on paper) to the Office of Student Accounts. 

To revoke your consent, please submit here:

Otherwise you may mail in your withdrawal or stop by the Office of Student Accounts.

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 208232
New Haven, CT 06520-8232

Student Accounts Office
246 Church Street
2nd Floor
New Haven, CT, USA

Understanding your Form 1098-T

Prior to tax year 2018, Yale University 1098-Ts included a figure in Box 2 that represented the amounts billed during the calendar year for qualified tuition and related expenses (QTRE). Due to a change to institutional reporting requirements under federal law, beginning with tax year 2018, educational institutions are required to report in Box 1 the amount of payments received for QTRE from all sources (including scholarships, loans and other third-party payments) during the calendar year rather than amounts billed. Box 2 reporting of amounts billed is no longer applicable.

IRS Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Education, IRS Form 8863, Education Credits and the Federal 1040 instruction booklet all provide details on claiming these tax credits. If you have further questions regarding the education tax credits, please consult a professional tax advisor to determine if you are eligible for any education-related tax incentives. The University cannot offer individual tax advice.

Electronic Form 1098-T Disclosure Statement

Receiving paper forms: If a student does not consent to receive an electronic version of Form 1098-T, if eligible, the student will be sent a paper form through the mail.

Scope and duration of consent: A student’s consent to receive an electronic version of Form 1098-T is effective for the current and all future years until either consent is withdrawn.

Withdrawing consent: A student’s may withdraw consent at any time by writing (electronically or on paper) to the Office of Student Accounts. 

Responsibility to update contact information: Students are responsible for timely notifying the Office of Student Accounts of any changes to contact information (e.g., name change, mailing address change, email address change).

Hardware and software requirements: The hardware and software requirements needed to access and print electrons versions of Form 1098-T include a device with internet access, a current web browser, and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Inaccessibility and technical problems: If a student consents to receiving an electronic version of Form 1098-T and is unable to access it due to an accessibility issue, technical problem, incorrect username or password, or other difficulty, the student may request a paper form by contacting the Office of Student Accounts.

Other Tax Forms


Form 1042-S is issued to certain non–U.S. citizen students who have received scholarships in excess of their tuition and required fees or if they have received other reportable payments from the University. Form 1042-S reports the required 14% tax withheld on such excess scholarships or payments. The form is mailed in mid-March to the student’s billing address on file in Yale Hub. (If there is no billing address on file, the form is mailed to the student’s permanent address; if no permanent address is on file, the form is mailed to the student’s mailing address.)  The 1042-S forms are also available online through the Foreign National Information System (FNIS) website to students who have a FNIS account. Students can also request a copy of Form 1042-S by contacting Yale Finance Support Center (FSC) at (203) 432-5394 or by emailing

Questions regarding the 1042-S or tax withholdings based on tax residency status and treaty eligibility should be directed to and 203-432-5530.


Students who have paid interest on a student loan during the applicable calendar year will receive a 1098-E directly from their loan servicer.  The 1098-E will be made available by January 31st.  If you have questions regarding your 1098-E, please contact your loan servicer.


Students who have received Yale wages during the applicable calendar year will be issued a W-2 by the Payroll Department. W-2 forms will be made available by January 31st.  For questions regarding your W-2, please contact Employee Services.