Financial Aid on Your Account

Once finalized, Yale-awarded financial aid will post as a payment to the Student Account at the specified disbursement date for the applicable term (generally the start of the term). Financial aid that has been awarded yet is scheduled to disburse to the Student Account on a future date will appear on the Student Account until the actual disbursement as Anticipated Aid. In addition, certain financial aid items for which there are outstanding processing requirements may also appear on the Student Account as Anticipated Aid until such time as the requirements are completed (and the disbursement date has passed).

Most student loan proceeds are sent to the University by lenders using electronic funds transfer. Such proceeds are immediately posted to the Student Account. All promissory notes and entrance interview requirements must be complete to ensure payment to the account.

Undergraduates with questions about the status of financial aid awards or loans should contact the Student Financial Services Center with our online form or call the Center at (203) 432-2700. Graduate and professional students should contact their particular financial aid office.