Student Account

The Student Account is a record of all the direct charges for your Yale education such as tuition, housing, food, fees and other academically-related items assessed by offices throughout the University. It is also a record of all payments, financial aid and other credits applied towards these charges.

Students and student-designated proxies can view all activity posted to their Student Account in real-time through the University’s online billing and payment system, YalePay.   Payment is due by 4 p.m. Eastern time on the last day of the month of assessment.

Yale does not mail paper bills or generate monthly statements.  Students and their authorized proxies can generate their own account statements in YalePay in PDF form to print or save.  The statements can be generated by term or for a date range and can be submitted to employers, 401K plans, 529/College Savings Plans,  scholarship agencies or other organizations for documentation of the charges.

Setting Up Proxy Access

Students can grant others proxy access to YalePay to view student account activity, setup payment plans and make online payments. For more information, see Proxy Access and Authorization.

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