Student Account Statement

The Student Account

The Student Account is a record of all the direct charges for your Yale education such as tuition, room, board, fees and other academically-related items assessed by offices throughout the University. It is also a record of all payments, financial aid and other credits applied towards these charges.

Student Account statements (bills) are prepared monthly, at the beginning of each month, with payment due in full by 4 p.m. Eastern time on the first business day of the following month. The statements are made available online through the University’s electronic billing and payment system, Yale University eBill-ePay. Yale does not mail paper bills. Each month when the statements are generated, email notifications indicating that the new account statement is available on the eBill-ePay website are sent to all students at their official Yale email addresses and to all student-designated eBill-ePay proxies. 

The monthly Student Account statements are static, similar to a paper bill, and are not updated for activity posted after the statement is generated. To view new charges or credits posted to the Student Account, or to confirm receipt of a payment, go to “Recent Account Activity” on the eBill-ePay Main Menu.

Students may view their entire student account history via Student Information Systems. After logging in, select Student Accounts and then Account History.

Setting Up Proxy Access

Students can grant others proxy access to the eBill-ePay system to view the monthly student account statements and make online payments. For more information, see Proxy Access and Authorization.