Tuition and Fees

Yale College

2023–2024 Tuition and Fees Cost
Tuition $64,700
Room $10,900
Board $8,280
TOTAL $83,880

For 2023-2024, Yale College students will also be assessed the optional charges below. 

Charge for Cost Deadline to waive
Yale Health
Hospitalization &
Specialty Care Insurance



Sept. 15 for full year or fall term
January 31 for spring term
Access the waiver form
Student Activities Fee



5:00 pm Sept. 15 

Senior Class Dues $124

5:00 pm Sept. 15 

Waive in Yale Hub

The total Cost of Attendance (COA) includes direct educational costs (i.e., tuition, fees, housing, and food) and indirect costs.  Indirect costs include books, course materials, supplies and equipment, transportation, miscellaneous personal expenses, loan fees, and professional licensure or certification, if applicable.  For additional information about the Cost of Attendance at Yale, please visit: Estimated Cost of Attendance | Financial Aid (

Graduate and Professional Schools

For information regarding the tuition and fees for graduate and professional school students, please select the school below: