Tuition Due Dates

Term charges

Tuition, housing, food and health insurance are billed by term.  The dues dates for the term charges are noted below.

Fall Term

  • Term charges post to the student account by July 1  
  • Due in full by July 31 

Spring Term

  • Term charges post to the student account by November 1 
  • Due in full by November 30 

Miscellaneous charges are posted to the student account throughout the year and are due by the last day of the month of assessment.

Late fees

Student Financial Services will impose a late fee of $125 per month (up to a total of $375 per semester) if the term charges, less Yale-administered loans and scholarships that have been applied for on a timely basis, are not paid by the due date.

Financial Hold

Students who have not paid their student account term charges by the due date will also be placed on Financial Hold. The hold will remain until the term charges have been paid in full. While on Financial Hold, the University will not provide diplomas and reserves the right to withhold registration or withdraw the student for financial reasons.

To view your hold status from Yale Hub, select Academics and then Holds.

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