Questions about Charges

Academic charges such as tuition, room, board, library fines, late course change charges, and optional items such as parking fees and guest meals all appear on the student account. Student Financial Services acts as a clearinghouse for these transactions.

If an item on your account needs clarification or adjustment, you should first contact the originating department to discuss it.

Item Department E-Mail Telephone
ASA Charges Associated Student Agencies (203) 432-1888
Dining Services Yale Dining Board Plan Administration (203) 432-0420
Health Care Charges Yale Health Member Services (203) 432-0246
Yale College Room Charges Registrar (203) 432-2334
Graduate Housing Yale Housing (203) 432-2167
YPPS Services Yale Printing and Publishing Services (203) 432-6560
Summer Session Charges Yale Summer Session (203) 432-2430
Bookstore Charges The Yale Bookstore (Barnes & Noble) (203) 777-8440
Misc. Residential College fees (i.e. failure to checkout, clean up) Supervisor of Custodial Services for the Residential College