Yale College Student Activities Fee

The deadline for Yale College students to opt out of paying the Student Activities Fee is 5:00 p.m. on September 15. 

Yale College students will find the Student Activities Fee of $125 with other fall-term Student Account charges.

The Student Activities Fee (SAF) is collected from undergraduate students to support events and activities on campus. The fee funds undergraduate extracurricular opportunities. Funds are managed by the Yale College Dean’s Office with significant input from undergraduates. Students who wish to participate in deciding how these funds are allocated may volunteer to serve on the Yale College Council, the Undergraduate Organizations Funding Committee, the Spring Fling Committee, and the Yale College Events Committee.

Students who wish to petition to opt out of the fee may write to student.affairs@yale.edu to make the request before September 15. Requests to waive the fee must reflect a financial hardship in order to be considered.

Like tuition, the fee is considered a part of a student’s Billed Expenses and covered by Yale financial aid. As with other fees covered by financial aid such as health insurance, if a waiver petition is granted to a student receiving financial aid, the funds are removed from the financial aid package and returned to financial aid funding available to other students.

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